Join the discussion on issues raised in Camp 72.



We address questions of impunity, violence against women in conflict, the use of child soldiers, corruption, healing the wounds of war and more…

How do we heal these problems? Do you have a direct experience?  Let’s talk about solutions.


Camp 72 Philanthropic Fund

This fund currently supports the education of survivors of war. 100% of your donation will go to support the education of survivors of war. Currently we are sending money directly to survivors.

 In addition to a cash donation, you can purchase the Camp 72 Pendant in which 72% of profits supports the education of survivors of war.

 We waited until we were done shooting/documenting events before we began this effort as we wanted to stay within journalism standards and not influence the story. As this effort grows we hope to partner with a NGO that’s successfully supporting the education of survivors of war.

The philanthropic fund does not have non-profit status currently.

Support Fund

72% of profits from this documentary will go to survivors of war. We are looking for programs that support micro-finance loans, education and health care.  Tell us about your organization!