Camp 72 provides extraordinary insight into the brutality of the Liberian armed conflict and is one of the few films that presents detailed interviews with perpetrators, showing how some have prospered and others find themselves impoverished and disempowered. It reveals the challenges faced by survivors, the possibilities of reconciliation, and the challenges of post-war reconstruction.”
Daniel Rothenberg – School of Politics and Global Studies/Co-Director, Center on the Future of War Arizona State University

Emotionally powerful experience. Makes you think about human rights in the world. Makes one feel helpless but this film gives one hope also.”
Texas A&M-CC Freshman

Based on extensive interviews and video footage with both victims and perpetrators, Camp 72 chronicles the 14-year Liberian civil war and the country’s efforts to heal the wounds of this conflict through a national truth and reconciliation process as well as through culturally-specific institutions in communities affected by the war.  Camp 72 is a moving and powerful account of the conflict from the perspectives of those who experienced it, and reveals the possibilities and challenges of enacting justice, forgiveness, and reconciliation in post-conflict settings.”
Michael Walker, PhD  – The center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution 
California State University-Sacramento

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