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The vast majority of educational and community screenings are covered by Public Performance Rights (PPR for short). This license is necessary for any educational or non-commercial screenings. Purchasing the educational license grants your institution rights to screen Camp 72 within the institution.
Our PPR license is offered in perpetuity, allowing you and other members of your institution to hold repeated screenings of the film.
Licensee is granted with no rights to the ownership of the copyrighted materials contained in the DVD or Blu-Ray of the selected Film. The license granted herein is non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable or transferable, and Licensee is granted with no rights to modify or use any of the materials contained in the Film’s copyrighted materials or any trademarks or other intellectual property rights with respect to the selected Film, except as specifically set forth in this License Agreement. Licensee is not authorized to reproduce the copyrighted work or any intellectual property rights in and to the trademarks of the Film in any manner nor to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work. Licensee acknowledges that the DVD provided according to this Screening License is for screening purposes only and agrees not to resell, duplicate, or make otherwise available this material.